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Dressage Training & Instruction

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About Marc

"The noblest task of the riding teacher is to form the mind of the student as well, so that the latter comes to depend on the teacher less and less"

   - Waldemar Seunig, Horsemanship

On Fifth Avenue
Marc Rijpens riding imported Dutch Warmblood Stallion Herald
Marc on Riding
"Dressage is work, perseverance, and dedication. There are really no short cuts. You have to stay honest with yourself and never put your ego above the well being of your horse."

Marc on Teaching
"So often I notice riders following instructions blindly, without being able to think for themselves. After all, it will be for the student to do it by themselves."

"One of the most widely quoted of all riding axioms is Gustav Steinbrecht's 'Ride your horse forward and hold it straight.' Yet this trenchant advice of the great German horseman and writer is deceptive because it seems so simple and so easy to put into practice, but those who have begun to really explore its richness of allusion will usually follow the quotation with 'yes, that is the difficult thing.' By the time the serious rider has learned why this is true, he will also know what riding in its best sense is all about."

   - William Steinkraus, Riding and Jumping.
Marc Rijpens riding piaffe on Dino
Marc Rijpens with Rinaldo and Ozadora "Anything forced and misunderstood can never be beautiful. And to quote the words of Simon: If a dancer was forced to dance by whip and spikes, he would be no more beautiful than a horse trained under similar conditions."

   - Xenophon, 400 B.C.

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